How private information is handled at Grand View OSAKA

Privacy policy

1.Basic Principles
Global Community, the management company of the Grand View OSAKA, (hereinafter the Company), gathers personal information such as address, name, contact information, and e-mail address that are provided by potential tenants or by those who make inquiries about the premises. The Company handles such private information in ways that comply with Privacy Law and use the information only for the original purposes on which the information was collected.

2.Range of Information Collection
The information such as IP address and domain of individual is gathered when the individual visits this website. The information provided in the Inquiry Form of this website is also collected. The information shall be collected properly and without wrongful intent.


3.The Use of Information The Company shall use the information for the following purposes. If the Company wishes to use the information beyond the original purposes, the Company shall ask the individual from whom the information was originally collected for permission.
(1)Contract for real estate lease, purchase, and sale or any other related affairs
(2)Property management
(3)Improvement of services and business promotions
(4)Questionnaires and DM
(5)Within the appropriate range of business operations, the information may be disclosed to the following parties:
・Other real estate agencies/agents
・Property Management Agencies/agents
・Financial Institutions
・Judicial Scribers and Registered Land and Building Investigators who conduct public registration
・Insurance Companies and their agents
・Rent guarantee insurance companies

4.Supply, Delegation and Security Measures of Information Collected
Company shall not disclose any personal information to third parties without the permission of the individuals from whom the information was originally gathered unless the disclosure is being legally required. Company shall take necessary and possible measures to safeguard private information and prevent leaking and losing of the information. Furthermore, when appropriately delegating the information to third parties, Company shall conduct careful and strict investigation and make sure with best effort that the information is handled properly and prevent loss, wreckage, alteration, illegal access, and leaking of the information.

5.Disclosure and Correction of Information
Information obtained shall not be disclosed without the owner's permission and the information provided by the individuals can not be viewed by others by accessing this website. When there is an error in the information and should the owner wish to correct, add, or erase the information, Company shall act accordingly in a prompt manner. Should anyone have any inquiries regarding Privacy Policy, please contact Global Community. The contact information is provided below:

【For inquiries regarding Privacy Police】
Global Community Co., Ltd.
Phone: 06-7711-0950

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