“The Grand View OSAKA” is located only 5minutes walk from Juso station on the Hankyu line and 3minutes to Osaka Umeda

Access & Location
Live your life by the magnificent Yodogawa River, plenty of nature, and the gorgeous
night view of the City. The neighborhood provides convenient facilities and commodity stores.
It takes only 3 minutes from Juso station to Umeda station. Easy access for both business and private.
Well-know cities like Kobe and Kyoto are just a short train ride away.

5 min walk from Juso Station
Juso connects to each cities by Hankyu Line.




Life Information
Public Facilities
Juso Higashi Koban2min Walk120m
Yodogwa Juso Higashi Post Office3min Walk200m
Osaka Municipal Yodogawa Lib5min Walk400m
Yodogawa Ward Office6min Walk480m
Osaka Prefectural Yodogawa Police Station9min Walk700m
Juso Shopping Arcade in front of Juso Station3min Walk180m
Convenience Store (Family Mart)3min Walk200m
Juso Honcho Shopping Arcade6min Walk 460m
Commercial Supermarket9min Walk700m
Life Juso Store12min Walk960m
Medical Facilities
Suehiro Dental Clinic3min Walk200m
Kawasaki Clinic (internal medicine)3min Walk220m
Sasase Skin Clinic3min Walk220m
Juso Emergency Clinic for weekends & Holidays5min Walk360m
Juso Hosipital/13min Walk Walk13min Walk1,040m
Financial Facilities
Mizuho Bank Juso Branch4min Walk320m
Juso Credit Union5min Walk360m
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Juso Branch5min Walk360m
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Juso Branch5min Walk380m
Kansai Urban Bank Juso Branch6min Walk420m
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Panoramic View