The Grand View OSAKA gives the utmost advantage for you and offers more comfortable way of living.

Life styles
In order for you to lead a life more than satisfactory, the Grand View OSAKA
suggests 6 types of living. Of course, your own way, the way you desire is
more than a possibility. Make it all come true here at the Grand View Osaka!!

Life that satisfies your pride and esponds to your desires: that is the life with high status.
Why don't you join us to look for the value of life which you can not get anywhere else?

For you staying in Osaka for a short period of time or for special occasions, we suggest a "short stay" or a "second house" at the Grand View OSAKA.
In the near future, we will provide furnished rooms to suit your special circumstances.

The grand View OSAKA provides best environment for you who do business at home.
Since high-speed Internet access is available, you can start with your business smoothly.

Hankyu line links Juso to Exotic harbor city Kobe, the center city of Kansai Region Osaka, and the historical city Kyoto. The quick trip to appreciate the different aspects of Japan is easily taken at your convenience.

The location is blessed with not only the public transportation but also with highways providing easy access by a car. Our parking space is designed to accommodate large sized cars as well. We also welcome your animal companions. Enjoy the lovely walks at the bank of Yodogawa River with your pet.

Jogging Course at the Yodogawa River where Citizens' Marathon takes place, baseball field, tennis court, golf course support your active living while our own fitness room and sauna help you to lead a healthy life style.

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Panoramic View