Comfortable layout for especially singles and DINKs at The Grand View Osaka

Room plans
Rooms are available in sizes of 1R-3LDK, in 15 different types.
Singles, DINKSs, busy businesspersons, and SOHO Style business persons you name it;
everyone is accommodated just perfectly. Large storage spaces and spacious rooms are
supportive of your own life style and taste.

22F 2102[Loft] 2201 2101[Loft]
21F 2102[Atype] 2101[A'type]
20F 2001[B2type]
19F 1902[Btype] 1901[B'type]
18F 1802[Btype] 1801[B'type]
17F 1702[Btype] 1701[B'type]
16F 1602[Btype] 1601[B'type]
15F 1503[Dtype] 1502[C2type] 1501[D'type]
14F 1403[Dtype] 1402[C2type] 1401[D'type]
13F 1304[Dtype] 1303[Ctype] 1302[C'type] 1301[D'type]
12F 1204[Dtype] 1203[Ctype] 1202[C'type 1201[D'type
11F 1104[Ftype] 1103[Etype] 1102[E'type] 1101[F'type]
10F 1004[Ftype] 1003[Etype] 1002[E'type] 1001[F'type]
9F 904[Ftype] 903[Etype] 902[E'type] 901[F'type]
8F 804[Ftype] 803[Etype] 802[E'type] 801[F'type]
7F 704[Ftype] 703[Etype] 702[E'type] 701[F'type]
6F 604[Ftype] 603[Etype] 602[E'type] 601[F'type]
5F 504[Ftype] 503[Etype] 502[E'type] 501[F'type]
4F 404[Ftype] 403[Etype] 402[E'type] 401[F'type]
3F Management Office Management Office Japanese Tea Room
2F Gym & Sauna Office
1F Concierge Desk &
Entrance Lounge
Liver Side
 ե˥å ߥ ɥӥ塼
Panoramic View