The Grand View OSAKA boasts English-speaking concierge services.

Through the automatic door at the building entrance, there is a huge entrance hall with double height and English speaking concierges will welcome you with a smile. The concierges always respond to various requests, and provide versatile services including arrangements for a taxi and various commission services like cleaning. These concierges enhance the convenience of residents life, however, they are very important assets as "a symbol of the Grand View Osaka".
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concierge desk

Dry Cleaning & Delivery Receptions/Bell Desk/ Various referrals: Rental Cars,
Rental Storage, Food Delivery, House Cleaning, Rental Leisure Equipment,
House Keeping, Moving Companies, Linen Supplies, and etc.

As you enter the building, you will see a well-poised lounge on your left side. There are luxurious leather sofa set and fluffy carpet laid down that provide a sense of elegance. It is used as a communication lounge for the residents and visitors, and also for business meetings and important negotiations etc.

The entrance lounge is tastefully decorated works of art in various parts and exudes a distinct harmonious atmosphere.

entrance rounge
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Panoramic View