The Grand View OSAKA boasts the self-propelled underground parking lot.

Expressways and high ways can be accessed easily. The Grandview Osaka is situated in a good location to neighboring cities such as Kobe and Kyoto, not only for business but also travel etc. There is a self-propelled underground parking lot which can park a foreign vehicle, a large-size car etc and also, you can go out without getting wet even a rainy day. It is just the self-propelled underground parking lot for those who love cars and sure to be satisfied.
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Passing through the self-propelled underground parking lot, it is leading to the slope for going out from the back side of the building to a road. You can go out without getting wet on a rainy day.

parking entrance

side slope

Turning right at the gate which is easy to get in and out even a large-size car or a foreign vehicle, you will see the slope leading to the building side.

The shutter and chain gate which can be opened and closed by the remote control operation from your car is adopted, and you can pass smoothly.

shutterchane gate

to the public road

Passing through the chain gate, you can come out to the public road on the right-hand side of the building.
Enjoy your driving life

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Panoramic View