Classical Authentic, gorgeoous and beautiful renovated room like a european hotel.

Classical Authentic
renovation concept To be realizable a living like in the hotel which Grand View Osaka advocates,
we realized to create an elegant and magnificent space. Our concept of this room
is living in European formal hotel. Like once Romans called fireplace focus,
we renovated this room with an image of gathering people.

Living room


Rest room

This room is on the top floor, so it is renovated to be more high-grade for making a difference from other types of rooms, such as newly replacing a bathroom and toilet and setting a bathroom television. Although this room is 2LDK type with 2 bed rooms and LDK, the room gives impression of one wide space not separate spaces. With the high quality design, you can create a luxury room for your own.

Renovation Menu

Standard Plan

 French Modern

 European Vintage Modern

 Italian Modern Luxuary

 Neo Japanesque

 Neo Japanesque

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Panoramic View