French Modern, It has the greatest view of this building and feels quite expensive-looking..

French Modern
renovation concept This room is removed as much of intervening wall as possible to get
the best out of the magnificent view from the top floor.
Luxurious materials are used entire room, culminating the extent of the room.
The kitchen is open to make fuller better use of the beautiful view at any time.

Living and Dining

check this plan

Night view from the kitchen
Living space
Living Dining Kitchen
Kitchen space
Living Dining Kitchen
Rest room
Bath room
Dressing room

The highest floor which enables you to satisfy the view from the windows on south side, Passing through the entrance, there are Living/Dining/Kitchen which can be used so extravagantly and the open kitchen is located in the corner and you are able to cook without obscure the view. Furthermore, Mini liquid-crystal display TV was placed in the bathroom so that you can watch your favorite programs while relaxing.
A dignified elegance and splendor await you on the top floor.
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Renovation Menu

Standard Plan

 French Modern

 European Vintage Modern

 Italian Modern Luxuary

 Neo Japanesque

 Neo Japanesque

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Panoramic View