Neo Japanesque, the room which 'Nasukon' color is symbolic and Japanese atmosphere.

Neo Japanesque
renovation concept A new Japanese aesthetic sense is pursued by uniting aesthetic senses
of Japanese style WA of Japanese view and the non-Japanese view.
The tatami space is located in the living/ dining room which makes you
relax and comfortable.

Living room


Rest room

For not being spoiled Japanese atmosphere, we removed the existing kitchen counter and newly set a wall which covered back kitchen for not to be seen. The wall was painted Nasukon-the dark purple which is a Japanese traditional color. Furthermore, the balcony is painted to thick brown so that the color balance can be maintained.
A floor is stuck on the floor tiles of a woody tone, and coved ceiling is colored dark purple like the wall. The vividness of the dark purple and the warmth of tatami make people comfortable.

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 Neo Japanesque

 Neo Japanesque

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